City of Portland: System Planning and Permitting Support

My professional experience at the City of Portland, Oregon, was focused primarily on combined and stormwater system planning and MS4 permit report development. My role often included project management services in support of the staff, bringing in new ways of framing up projects. These interdisciplinary and cross-functional projects (engineering design, asset systems management, watershed management, operations and maintenance, etc.) led me to studies in working with cross-functional teams, agile philosophy, and adaptive project management.  Some examples:


    • Technical Memorandum 1.4 Pilot Hydromodification Assessment and Proposed Methodology. Phase 1. Pilot- Stephens Creek. March 23, 2013.




    • Hydromodification Assessment Workplan. Dec 22, 2011. MS4 Permit no. 101314: Hydromodification Assessment.


    • Technical Memorandum 4.2 – Evaluation Criteria, and Weighting and Ranking Approach for CAT3 UIC Alternatives. Under Project Number 8292: Task 4 – Evaluation Criteria. (UICs in Areas of Shallow Groundwater Regional Plan)


    • Technical Memorandum. Willamette Watershed Improvement Strategies (review of Low-Impact Feasibility Evaluation model and RESTORE decision support program). Nov 2004. With Michael Fitzmaurice.